Android Console

Posted on 9/14/2013 by animaonline
Have you ever wanted to write a console application for Android, or port an existing one?

My latest project Animaonline.Android.Console lets you create console applications for Android, it's based on the C#Shell Console and it requires Xamarin.Android

How it works Calls to the System.Console class, such as (ReadLine/WriteLine) are intercepted.

Console.WriteLine("Text"); outputs the text to a TextView.

Console.ReadLine(); shows an AlertDialog prompting the user for input.

The source code is available on Github.

Enjoy! :)

An introduction to the CanvasUI

Posted on 8/31/2013 by animaonline

The 1.6 C#Shell update introduced a whole lot of new stuff, including a brand new UI mode, called CanvasUI.

"what is this mode and how do I use it?"

I get this question from many of the users.

So... due to popular demand, I have decided to write a short tutorial.

The CanvasUI mode encapsulates an Android Canvas and let's you render 2D on-screen graphics.
The rendering is hardware accelerated and renders frames at 10fps (might be subject to change)

CanvasUI in action
The Android framework APIs provides a set 2D drawing APIs that allow you to render your own custom graphics onto a canvas